Pre-school and Nursery

We follow the daycare needs of babies and toddlers for nutrition, play and sleep. We do not wait for set times to change nappies or to allow a child to sleep. Because digestion and balancing activities are important at this age, we encourage intervals between meals and naps.

International Kindergarten

The morning starts with a structured group session known as Circle Time. Through singing, children develop their listening and communication skills. The session is structured around a theme, a game or a Montessori exercise. In this daily mini-assembly, we also address and communicate any dynamic issues in the group, such as the arrival of a new sibling or a child leaving.

After lessons and morning break, the children go outside to a local park or our playground.

After lunch we have quiet time and then the afternoon classes start. Research shows that children concentrate less well after six hours of concentrated learning activities on average, so we structure our afternoons to allow for individual work between group activities. We do not insist that they continue in taught lessons after 3.30pm, if they prefer not to.

After 3.30pm, the children sit together for an afternoon snack at ‘teatime’ and are able to play freely and safely with qualified adult supervision, indoors or outdoors, or take part in individual activities.

Pick-up time is between 5pm and 6pm.