Lunch1Lunch is in two sittings at 11.30am and 12 noon. All meals are freshly prepared in our purpose-built kitchen. Lunches and snacks are made with high quality ingredients without additives or preservatives. No added sugar is allowed.

The lunchtime session is part of our educational programme. The children help to set the tables and learn how to eat with good manners. Practical exercises to develop their hand-eye coordination are incorporated into every mealtime.IMG_1364

At morning break we share fruits brought from home by the children. This is a communal experience as children learn to eat a range of fruits.

We promote healthy eating, sharing and preparing food as a key part of life, with planned, regular healthy meals to ensure children here receive everything they need. As such, food is a big part of the children’s day with us. We believe eating together is an enjoyable social occasion to nourish the body and spirit.

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Here are some of our favourite recipes from the kitchen at Children First:

Moroccan-style Couscous with Pineapple







Coconut Milk and Curried Vegetable Soup






Sweet Potato Soup








A recipe for a special occasion from one of our favourite cook books, Cooking for the Sensitive Gut:

Spiced Carrot, Orange and Quinoa Cake

8 Cakes & puddings





Photo by Dr. Joan Ransley

Click the link below to read Monica Shah’s exclusive interview with Rolf Hiltl, CEO of Hiltl Restaurant, as she was last researching new types of plant-based protein and varied vegetarian options for Children First. Hiltl was founded in 1898 and is the first vegetarian restaurant in the world according to “Guiness World Records.”

Interview with Rolf Hiltl