Language Fondue: Which German Should my Child Learn First in Zurich?
by Monica Shah Zeeman
Bringing up multilingual children in Zurich


Should we be teaching in the early years? Should we be Teaching in the Early Years?
by Monica Shah Zeeman
Exploring parents’ questions about early education
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img_90445 Activities to Do on a Nature Walk with your Kids
by Monica Shah Zeeman and the Children First team
Some ideas to do while you walk and talk in nature


Practical ways to eliminate triggers for tantrums


IMG_2426Physical Development and Learning: Moving is Thinking!
by Monica Shah Zeeman
Why physical activity is an important part of early education.


IMG_1372Developmental Daycare: Care with a Difference
by Monica Shah Zeeman
3 aspects of care that truly make a difference.


IMG_0520What Makes Children Happy at School?
by Monica Shah Zeeman
5 issues that influence happiness in a new school.


IMG_3110Easter Egg Basket to Make at Home
by Emma Wright
How to turn recycled vegetable containers into Easter baskets!


IMG_27267 Tips on Cooking with Kids
by Monica Shah Zeeman
How to teach more than just healthy eating in the kitchen. 


How to Instill a Love of Reading in Your Child
by Monica Shah Zeeman
13 practical tips and strategies for reading at home.


Rolf HiltlInterview with Rolf Hiltl
by Monica Shah Zeeman
Monica finds new inspiration for the Children First menus.


IMG_08055 Holiday Present Ideas for Kids
by the Children First Team
Our favourite ideas to spark creativity, wonder, learning and most importantly time together!