International Kindergarten

Up to age 5, teaching is led by an Early Years professional who spans both psychological and education development. Children aged 6 and 7 are taught by an international teacher with a specialism in the early years.

The UK Early Years and National Curriculum Frameworks prepare children for international and bilingual schools to the highest standard. In addition, Montessori methodology allows us to focus on each individual child’s readiness for school. Our policy is that professionals speak in their native language.

Standard lessons include reading and writing, maths, German, arts & crafts, geography, music and physical exercise. We also provide a number of activities that reflect the multicultural nature of our group.

Nursery and Pre-School

We use established methodology in the teaching and developmental care that we provide for our youngest children. We encourage children in our care to develop their own unique skills and abilities. Our timetable includes Montessori practical life skills, physical exercise and co-ordination, arts and crafts, pre-Maths, pre-writing, language and “Knowledge of the World” activities.

The paediatrician D.W. Winnicott remains an inspiration in our work with infants at Children First. His writing describes the exciting process of young children learning to interact socially with others outside the home. In this stage, children also learn the patterns and sounds of language. Then they learn to empathise with others. We accompany them as they develop a sense of their own identity and confidence. Our care and curriculum are influenced by this important transition children are making from the world revolving around them to it including them. In our nursery and pre-school, the concept of a social group, a mini-community, is born in their minds.